About Me


My name is Jack Biggs, and I am currently a Senior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Computer Science and French. In the tech sphere, I'm mainly interested in computer systems, low-level programming, security research and the open-source community, followed closely by machine learning strategies and online privacy. As a Linux buff, it's my duty to attempt to waste time attempting to save time by learning Bash tricks. I do all sorts of tinkering with Linux and FreeBSD systems, and I truly believe that open source software has been instrumental in changing the way that we use computers today.

I'm an American-Italian dual national who, ironically, speaks piss-poor Italian. Languages have always been interesting to me: English, French, Python, Korean, C++, the list goes on; they all describe the environment they encompass in unique and fascinating ways. I think that learning a language can be one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of one's life. The idea of peering into another culture's world, of communicating with different people, of describing processes and experiences in completely different terms, is totally captivating to me. I don't think that computer languages fall too far from their naturally-evolved cousins, either: each computer program describes what it does with the same implied side-effects, straightforward statements, and devastating misunderstandings lost in translation that we take for granted in our daily speech.

Apart from those fields of study, I also love food (a lot!), Zen, biking, sailing, and studying politics outside the typical American spectrum. If I haven't written about it yet, maybe I will soon. Ask me!