Blogging Again

After almost a 2-year hiatus, I've decided that I want to start writing blog posts again. As a result, I've resurrected some old posts that I've written. (Not all of them, though, because there's some facepalm-worthy stuff that's probably kicking around some search engine's archives somewhere.)

I'm mostly doing this because some friends of mine asked me where the site went, and I felt shameful having my own domain without putting anything on it. I've been using it for email for a while, but after I moved from a VPS at Linode to a FreeBSD box sitting on my desk at home, it felt wrong pointing a top-level domain to it. That may change in the future, but for now this blog is running on Heroku using Pelican as a static site generator. I used Pelican last time I ran this blog, and I used Heroku ages ago, but it's remarkable how much the latter has changed its infrastructure since I last used it. It's way sexier now.

On a related note, if anybody feels like hosting a Pelican blog on Heroku and they can't figure out how to use a custom theme, that's because the official Pelican buildpack for Heroku doesn't seem to support them. (I could be wrong, but judging from the code it looks that way.) If you want to use Pelican on Heroku with a custom theme, I suggest checking out the repository and adding -t $BUILD_DIR/theme to the line invoking pelican in bin/compile. Alternatively, though I can't guarantee this will be around forever, you can checkout the repo I forked on GitHub and use that. Here's the line that I was talking about. Note that this requires your custom theme to be in a directory called theme, within your blog directory. Googling for this was infuriating and I hope this saves somebody a tiny amount of time.

That's all I have for now. In the near future I hope to add some more significant content to the site, and (hopefully) make the French versions of these posts visible.

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